After registering, your email and password are the key to Flyertoss.
If you have a document or video completed go to (main menu ---> manage ---> set up / dashboard).
You will find steps on how to upload or update your files, social links and videos.
Flyertoss was designed to be a self-service system, but if you need a little help our set up teams are some of the most creative in the industry to help you get started. Go to the “contact” page and let us know how we can help.
As inventors we needed to connect with customers quickly and inexpensively. The goal was to present products by empowering our inner circle to share the same message every time.
With very little effort and with the highest level of accuracy there was no need to teach anyone about our offering.
We simply showed them how to pass our information in the Flyertoss system and the referral was passed.
Flyertoss was created to provide a viable resource for you to present and pass documents, video or social links from the system.
Flyertoss provides a family friendly platform to upload a well planned message for your friends, family and happy customers to pass to anyone they choose, making your results more effective.
Registration gives access to your Flyertoss account Any member or non-member can pass your uploaded information through the Flyertoss system without the need to register but to upload your personal documents or videos in the system. Registration is required.
If you remove the product, contracts, prices and sales pitches from any business what you are you left with? Individuals who like and trust each other both agreeing to a common goal.
Flyertoss makes generosity our prime directive and the first line in our business plan. Generosity and business should go hand in hand.
As we share knowledge and resources something powerful starts. We believe a strong partner in business is someone who can stand independently. By sharing our gifts as a network we can make a difference.
It is simple, we help make you strong. We give you 100% access to Flyertoss at no charge, in return we expect you to share your gifts and resources to help others in or out of the system. Ultimately our goal is to teach you to give freely.
(Proverbs 11 24:25) One gives freely, yet grows all the richer; another withholds what he should give, and only suffers want. Whoever brings blessing will be enriched, and one who waters will himself be watered.
Information on the internet is abundant, the drawback comes when you search for something or fill out an online form. Information you provide is passed from that company, to every other company in the universe in seconds. Your information is tracked and passed to the highest bidder, not good if you are a small company whose customer wants to pass your name to a friend.Flyertoss was created to bring services and consumers together without being forced to compete against every other company willing to pay a fee to access your online activity.
Your referral network is “personal”. It is not our business who you work with, what you say, or why you need to connect. Flyertoss is member supported, you will NOT find ads trying to sell you something you did not ask for. In a nutshell, Our goal is to get results for you by helping you pass your information to anyone you decide to share with.
Think of the sent flyers in the dashboard as a Rolodex to refer back to. Anytime you connect and pass information you will have the option to save that information, along with a comment to your list of personal passes. This information is available to you anytime to follow up or refer to anytime it can be edited, deleted or saved. A list of shared profiles is provided within your account.
The Flyertoss pass is a system hub where you can look up information by keyword, flyer number or business name and pass it to anyone. “No registration required”. Anyone can access any document/video and profile without logging in or registering. Teach your friends, family or happy customers how to find your information and pass it to others quickly without having to log in.
We look for uplifting and family friendly videos. “How to” videos providing educational benefits are welcomed we believe in generating a positive response from everyone.
Unacceptable videos include videos promoting violence, drug sales or alcohol purchases. No political, get rich quick or MLM programs are accepted. Videos with sexual explicit content or potential harmful information not appropriate for a child age 5.
All videos expressing this content will be referred to our legal counsel for a final decision. Our family friendly approach is designed to give you a great and safe experience while protecting others in the system. All content is subject to copyright laws and should be your property when presented.
Flyertoss teaches you to give and make generosity the header statement in your business plan. When you’re ready there are many places who can use your talents and support. We have listed several local and national groups to support in the community.
As you benefit from the Flyertoss system take the time to sponsor other businesses or give to the less fortunate. If you don't see your particular charity or group listed let us know and we will provide them a way of uploading. Our goal is to provide you a path to share your resources regardless of who it is. A statement to consider "Helping one person may not change the whole world but, in could change the world for that one person" (Chibird)
NO, your contact list is not required, they are your personal connections and we respect everyone’s privacy. Members and non-members pass documents back and forth and nothing is saved unless it is saved for your own use in your account. Any information saved by you can be deleted anytime. Flyertoss will never ask you for your personal contacts, if you receive an email disregard and report it to us as soon as possible. Information we save is only to make your experience better and our system more efficient.
We are supported by people who share our vision. As you actively participate in the system you insure others will get the same benefit allotted to you. You will never be turned down regardless of your ability to support or pay. We connect your talents/service to others and your support in any amount provides access to smaller businesses and others of few resources. Your membership is NOT mandatory, we figure once you see how we can help your business you will help others in the process. Welcome to Flyertoss